1. 2011- 50,000 lights 48 Channels of control

  2. 2012 - 60,000 lights 82 Channels of control

  3. 2013 - 65,000 lights 88 Channels of control

  4. 2014 - 68,000 lights 118 Channels of control

  5. 2015 - 68,000 lights 140 Channels of control

  6. 2016 - 68,000 lights 155 Channels of control

  7. 2017 - 68,000 lights 1155 Channels of control




8 Timber Dr Ocean NJ 07712

The display features 68,000 lights and 64 channels of computer control and 75 Channels of DMX control . Their are static scenes also like the helicopter in a tree that looks like it about to land on the roof. Santa at the beach is also popular. The display takes about three weeks to put up if i worked all day straight which i do not do. I typically start in early November and work weekends and when i have free time during the week. Then the week of thanksgiving i work a lot to finish it up. Remember the entire display is mostly put up by one person.  The computer programming takes time it takes me a hour for every 30 seconds of music.So the average 3 to 4 minute song takes 8 to 10 hours to program. I have to tell the computer to turn on and off every light down to the tenth of a second.  I work on this all year cause it is time consuming. The music is broadcast on 95.1FM. I  own a  low power FM transmitter that only goes about 1 to 2 blocks.

The display does take some power to run it but does not take too much. About 75% of the lights are LED's these use a lot less power then conventional light bulbs. I am slowly switching over light sets as they go bad to led hoping to someday have all LED's. The other thing that helps conserve power is the computer controllers. The light are only blinking at times. So their are not on constantly. As for how much the electrical bill goes up we do not discuss that. 

Mac Cary Christmas was started years ago when Shane Mac Cary was 8 years old. He would always enjoy driving around in the car looking at the houses that were all decked out in lights. He thought to himself I want my house to look like that one day. Then when he was 10 years old decided that he started decorate the house by his self and enter the town contest. He did not win because there were only a few strands of lights and some figurines in the yard. The following year we moved to a different town that did not have a contest, but he kept decorating adding new things each year till it grew to what you see today. Each year he would keep adding things till he would run out of power. Then add more power in the summer.  In 2005 we were featured in the Asbury Park Press's Holiday homes to see. Then in 2008 we won the Ocean Today Holiday lighting contest. In 2010 is when we added the computerized control allowing us to sink the lights to music. This is a big hit with everyone. We are constantly adding things and changing things to make it different.

In 2013 we began collecting donations for ONE SIGHT. One Sight brings vision care to people across the globe who can’t afford it.